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Lakes, Parks & Recreation

The Lake Kiowa community comprises 1700 acres of which 563 acres comprise the lake itself. The lake is approximately two miles long, 2900 feet wide at its widest point and had a maximum depth of about 30 feet when built. 

Indian Creek and numerous springs feed the lake, with its watershed and numerous hillside streams. The dam is approximately 1800 feet long with a 150-foot wide concrete spillway at an elevation of 700 feet above mean sea level.

Two sandy beaches grace the lake, and provide an idyllic setting for swimmers and sunbathers alike.

The nearly two mile length of the lake makes it perfect for water sports. Anglers taking a break from golf enjoy good catches of black bass, sand bass, crappie, catfish, bream, and other varieties of fish. Several lake access areas and docks are set aside for use by property owners for fishing and boating.

LKPOA owned common properties are for the exclusive use of members, lessees, and their guests. The properties include, but are not limited to, lake, beaches, golf course, parks, tennis/basketball court, campgrounds, picnic areas, community center, roads, and perimeter fencing.

In 2009, the LKPOA Board voted to create the Horseshoe Nature Trail at the northern end of Lake Kiowa. The trail head, leading residents into a quiet and peaceful experience away from traffic, begins just to the west of Little Fox Pond. Approximately .5 mile in circumference, the trail can provide an easy stroll or a vigorous walking workout. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the trail.

The East Beach
The East Beach is a lively recreational area.  Grills and tables are allowed for spontaneous picnics and barbecues.  Members love to swim, play volleyball and basketball, and get together with friends and family.  Our youngest members stay safe in the fenced playground area.

The West Beach
Off the 19th Hole and Lodge Dining Room, the West Beach provides recreational space for the entire family.  Residents and guests enjoy swimming, fishing, picnicking and cookouts.  Kids and grandkids have their own special playground.

Lakes, Parks & Recreation Resources
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