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LKPOA Boater Safety
Everyone must take Lake Kiowa's Boater Safety Course.
Anyone born after 9/1/1993 must also complete the State of Texas Boater Safety Course and must be able to provide proof of Texas Parks & Wildlife approved course certificate if requested by Security Lake Patrol.
Please click here to visit Texas Parks & Wildlife Approved Online Boat Safety Courses.

Already taken an Approved Texas Boater Safety Course and don't have your certification? 

Click this link to verify your certification.

If you have already taken and have passed the current and older versions of Lake Kiowa's Boater Safety Test and Texas Boating Safety Course, please contact the POA to provide this information.

PLEASE NOTE: The POA office has several Boater Safety Cards that have not been picked up.  If you have taken the test and not have received your card, please click here to see if you are on the list.

If you have taken the test and did not receive an email regarding your results, please contact the POA office or send an email to

Please click here for Lake Kiowa's Boating Rules and Top Rules.

To begin taking Lake Kiowa's Online Boater's Safety Test, click here.  

If you experience Internet Browser issues and cannot access the Boat Safety Test, try downloading GOOGLE Chrome or another Internet Browser, and/or try running software updates on your computer.

If needed, download a printable hard copy of the Test here.

LKPOA Boater Safety

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